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As the capabilities offered by well deployed IT have continued to scale the dizzy heights of possibility, so the risks and threats have increased beyond all recognition too. The desire on the part of some to make mischief, inflict damage, cause financial and reputational harm and loss and to use data and systems against their rightful owners is unprecedented. Where system security in the broadest sense was once upon a time typically dealt with relatively passively, it is now the number one priority for most organisations wanting to ensure they, their staff and their clients are all equally protected from harm.

‘Protection’ covers a multitude of topics and disciplines. Whether you are looking to protect:

  • user devices from inbound viruses,
  • against inappropriate browsing,
  • against data loss,
  • the corporate network from unauthorised access or data breach
  • ensure mobile users comply with office policies

Then, we have the expertise to provide the right advice and the right solution.

Talk to String about this hugely important issue and how we can help you sleep better at night with our input.