Microsoft Business Voice

Turn Teams into your very own phone system with Microsoft Business Voice

Make and receive phone calls with Microsoft Business Voice

Microsoft Business Voice is a Teams add-on that allows you to make and receive calls from mobiles and landlines. It is a cloud-based telephony solution that integrates with Microsoft 365 so that you’ve got calling, chat and meetings all in one place. Allowing your team to communicate and collaborate with people inside and outside of your organisation no matter where they are. It has all the features of a traditional phone system and more.

Microsoft Business Voice

Everything you need in one place

Make phone calls, hold meetings, chat, collaborate on documents, manage your calendar and more, all from the Teams app. This means all of your contacts are synced in one place, making it easier than ever to communicate with anyone, anywhere. Need to share and collaborate on a document with a client whilst on the phone? No problem.

Make calls in any location on any device

Microsoft Business Voice is a VoIP phone system. Because it’s hosted in the cloud, it goes with you wherever you go. Whether you’re on the road, at home, in the office or across the world, you have the capabilities to make calls no matter what. Plus, you can do it on any device, allowing your team to have the flexibility they need.

microsoft 365

Feature rich

It has all the features a traditional phone system has and more. From auto attendant, voice mail, call queues and forwarding to recording, audio conferencing and more. All available for management and set up in the admin centre. So not only are you getting a phone system with the features you need, you get it integrated with Teams and the added flexibility with cloud hosting.

microsoft business voice admin centre

Easy management and billing

Managing your phone system with Business Voice is easier than ever. Easily add and remove users, set up auto attendants, generate call reports, assess usage and much more all in one place. Plus, you can manage your call credits and packages here too.

Prices & Plans

We’ll help you to find the right call plan to suit your business needs and budget.

  • Per user licenses including minute bundles
  • Domestic and international call plans to suit your business needs
  • Minute caps to prevent over spending
  • Ability to purchase additional minutes when you max out your bundle

String Support

At String we focus on your business, we don’t just give you an off the shelf solution. We’ll learn about your business and gain a deep understanding of the way you work, that way, we can build the right solution to suit your business needs. From working with your budget to setup, training and management, we’re here to support you now and in the future.

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