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Security & Continuity

Cyber threats have been around since the 1980s, but the game has changed; it’s no longer students in bedrooms causing mischief, this is a multi billion pound industry that is attracting the best and worst people from the world of tech and that’s why security & continuity is now more important than ever.

Today’s AI powered threats are adaptive and require a higher level of technicality to detect their behaviour and that’s where we come in.

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Our approach

  • Defend your infrastructure:
    We apply a layered approach to threat protection, combining the latest generation of anti-virus, firewalls, mail & web filtering, intruder detection & intruder prevention, data loss prevention and penetration & spoof testing.
  • Protect your endpoints:
    Your end user devices represent the greatest threat to your organisational and personal security.  By combining Advanced Endpoint Protection, Mobile Device Management and encryption technologies, we can help protect all of your devices from the latest generation of threats.
  • Prepare for the worst:
    Should the worst happen; our Business Continuity solutions can provide complete infrastructure recovery in under an hour, and recovery to less than an hour before an incident occurred.
  • Educate your people:
    With many cyber attacks there tends to be a simple human error, such as sharing credentials or opening a phishing email. We’ll work with your staff and educate them on how to prevent themselves from falling victim to an attack.

Our services

Our Security & Continuity Solutions provide protection and recovery from today’s, and tomorrow’s, ever-evolving cyber security threat landscape; ensuring that your organisation can take advantage of the latest innovations without being exposed to the latest threats.

Cyber Security

Providing integrated next generation security for your on-premises and hybrid cloud infrastructure components.

Mobile Device Management

Providing integrated next generation security for your on-premises and hybrid cloud infrastructure components.

Disaster Recovery

Solutions that allow you to survive the worst case scenario with our infrastructure protection  and continuity solutions.

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