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We live in interesting times … for a quick insight into just why simply Google the term “Exponential Times”.

From an IT perspective; Moore’s Law remains a dominant force when it comes to the physical infrastructure side of things.  Simply put; Moore’s Law states that the we can expect the speed and capability of our computers to increase every couple of years, and we’ll pay less for them.

This all sounds rather promising:  Never before has IT been so dynamic, so performant and such an exciting field in which to work.  Add to this the unstoppable progress of cloud technologies and it would seem that IT professionals and stakeholders are spoilt for choice.

In reality; the rapid pace of change presents a number of challenges.

The problem is

Historically, IT infrastructures have evolved to meet relatively predictable mid-term business needs.  IT investment has followed this mid-term approach, with IT budgets typically being set on a four or five-year timeline.

When planning IT budgets; IT professionals have taken a cautious approach to predicting the needs of their organisation.  They might not admit it, but the usual way of doing things is to make a reasonable estimate of the next five years’ growth; and then to double (or maybe treble) this to ensure they don’t have to go back to the business for further expenditure.

In organisations where seasonal peaks in IT demand are present; the five-year Capex model falls even further short of the mark.  Providing sufficient compute resource for peak demands means that a large part of an organisation’s IT infrastructure sits unused for a significant part of the year.

Rapid technology innovation also presents the challenge of multiple, increasingly complex layers of technology, such as: physical servers, virtualisation layers, applications, storage, network and cloud services.

So what?

The misalignment between technological innovation and traditional IT investment models means that organisations today face numerous challenges:

  • The difficulty in adopting and  integrating an increasingly diverse range of cloud services into a legacy IT infrastructure¨ The inability of IT infrastructures to adapt to organisational initiatives such as digital transformation, acquisitions and mergers, agile working and global growth¨ Rapid innovation presents the challenge of finding, developing and keeping hold of the highly skilled staff needed to keep it all working¨ A misalignment between Operational and Capital expenditure models.


At String, we believe that your IT infrastructure should be seen as an enabler for growth; rather than a necessary evil.  Our Cloud Journey Solutions are designed to help our clients to maximise their return on IT investment, whilst enjoying scalability and agility; wherever they are on their journey to the Cloud:

  • On-premises Infrastructure:  Solutions that leverage the latest hyper-converged technologies and consumption-based pricing models to allow you to operate a private cloud IT business model
  • Cloud Infrastructure:  Infrastructure and Platform as a Service solutions deployed on Microsoft Azure to provide cost-effective, on demand and essentially limitless capacity; whatever your business needs
  • Cloud Pricing Models:  Scale-up, scale-down on-demand pricing models that reflect your actual IT service consumption, avoiding the over-provisioning days of the past
  • Ever-Green Infrastructures:  Non-disruptive, always up-to-date platform technologies ensuring security and functionality remain aligned to today’s IT environment
  • Network Solutions:  Secure networking solutions that seamlessly tie together your IT infrastructure components across branches, countries and clouds

How can we help?

Our Platforms & Places solutions take the many challenges of today’s IT infrastructure landscape and turn them into tangible business benefits for your organisation.  Making Moore’s Law work for you, rather than against you.

Infrastructure as a Service

Enjoy virtually limitless scalability, flexibility and unrivalled security with the Microsoft Azure cloud computing platform.


On-Premises Computing

Efficiency and scalability with our private cloud solutions utilising latest generation converged and hyper-converged solutions.


Secure connectivity, optimisation and acceleration technologies for optimal connectivity across on-premises and cloud infrastructure elements.

To bring it all together we provide first class consultancy services to ensure that your solution is designed specifically to meet your security needs; and continues to evolve as your needs evolve over the years.

And to keep it all running smoothly we provide our String 365 Managed Services that allow your organisation to focus on what it does best; while we take care of the IT stuff.

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