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Take your business into the future with Public Cloud

Experience next-generation cloud technology with Public Cloud from Microsoft Azure. Get an evergreen infrastructure with the capacity to scale to your demand, pay only for what you use, and have the cyber security you need, built-in.

Specialist Support

Specialist Support

We have a team of Azure certified experts. This means you can get the very best out of Azure Public Cloud with support in migration, set up and ongoing management from specialist consultants that put your business needs first. 

Fully Managed

Fully Managed

We support you from start to finish, providing you with expert advice and management every step of the way. We'll learn about your business and create a bespoke cloud migration plan that's suited to your needs. 



Cyber security experts work on your behalf to ensure your data remains secure. Plus, you'll have access to next-generation cyber security that monitors, detects and mitigates threats to your business. 



We'll continuously monitor and review your usage to acquire actionable insights that allow us to ensure your cloud infrastructure works exactly the way your business needs it to. 

public cloud

Azure Public Cloud

Azure’s public cloud platform houses more than 200 products and cloud services created with your business in mind. Build, manage and run your applications across cloud and on-premises with the tools and framework chosen to suit your business needs.

Why choose Public Cloud?


A pay-as-you-go consumption model that reflects what you use, not what you might use.


The ability to not just scale up your consumption as demand increases, but also to scale down your consumption as demand reduces.


A clear abstraction of the management of the underlying infrastructure, where the cloud provider takes sole responsibility for the maintenance and upkeep of their platform.


An open architecture that allows simple integration with 3rd Party products and services; preventing vendor lock in.

Our customer...

As a large care provider, One Fylde needed a way to safely manage their sensitive data whilst upgrading their IT infrastructure so that it was no longer preventing staff from doing their job or slowing them down.  Through the use of public cloud we were able to ensure One Fylde had the correct storage solution for their needs, enabling them to grow as needed whilst remaining safe and secure at a cost-effective rate. Not only this but adopting a cloud-based IT infrastructure enabled One Fylde to take advantage of the services it comes with. From Microsoft 365 to Power Automate and much more, allowing their staff to be more productive. IT no longer hinders their work but now enhances it.

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With our support

Here at String, we will support you throughout your public cloud journey, now, and into the future. We work with you to understand your business and the outcomes you desire. We’ll recommend the right cloud solutions to suit your needs. To help you to continue on your journey, we’ll teach you how to use the Azure platform and manage your services, empowering your team and expanding their IT knowledge so that you get the most out of cloud.

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