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Uncategorised Cloud Migration vs Digital Transformation

Cloud Migration vs Digital Transformation, what’s the difference and what do you choose for your business? Well, let’s answer a few questions to clear things up. Cloud Migration vs Digital Transformation, are they the same thing?   It seems a reasonable question, however, I would argue that the two are quite distinct.  To get us started, […]

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Uncategorised The Benefits of The Cloud

The Benefits of The Cloud Whilst the majority (if not all) of our Blogs are about Cloud Computing; they can sometimes be a bit, well, esoteric.  So, our Head of Marketing, Abby, has asked me to put together a simple, no messing about Blog, that details the benefits of The Cloud. So, here are my […]

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Blog Cloud vs On-Premises

Cloud vs On-Premises has become one of the most deliberated topics within the business world, well, when it comes to IT of course. Obviously, as an IT company specialising in cloud solutions, we are pro cloud. But we understand that it’s not always as simple as just migrating to the cloud. There’s a lot to […]

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Latest Case Studies

We have proven track record working with hundreds of clients across the UK (and some farther afield) who rely on us to as their strategic IT partner. Here are just some of our customer success stories...

    Case Study One Fylde

    The move to Microsoft Modern Workplace platform has allowed One Fylde to ensure data is more secure and improve workplace processes. Now documents are classified, stored, and moved, based upon their own embedded meta data, rather than through manual processes; with little or no intervention from the IT team.

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    Case Study Len Wright Salads

    The business has enjoyed significant growth in recent years. A combination of both this growth, and an ageing IT infrastructure, prompted the Directors to initiate a ground up review of their IT estate and support arrangements

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    Case Study Woods Waste

    Like the majority of forward-looking businesses, Woods Waste has always appreciated the value that well deployed IT can deliver, and operating in a highly regulated industry, particularly understand how automation can significantly increase efficiency and productivity.

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