Cloud Strategy

Building cloud strategies that take businesses to the future

When we build your cloud strategy we follow a few basic principles

Size for the Now, Scale for the Future
Unlike traditional IT refresh lifecycles, which attempt to predict future IT needs, and then purchase sufficient additional compute resources to provide for these needs; our business-case led strategies allow current, and future requirements to modelled in a series of scenarios, providing clarity in an ever changing world.
An End-to-End Business Case
Our years’ of experience have taught us what matters when building a business case. When creating our scenarios, we consider our clients’ complete IT service infrastructure, including line items such as: servers, storage, networks, desktops, applications, licencing, mobile devices, training, power consumption, business continuity, and property costs.
Real Cashable Savings
Our business cases and strategies focus on identifying real, cashable savings, not hypothetical savings. It’s all too common for a business case to include such ‘savings’ as: 10 minutes per employee, per day times salary. We realise that, whilst important in terms of end-user experience, not many organisations will ever see these savings realised as actual cash in the bank.
Dragon’s Den Ready
We work our key client sponsors to develop a strategy and business case that is ready to face the full scrutiny of the wider client leadership team, end-user communities, and external auditors.

Whats the process?

Step 1
We learn about your business, from the day to day to your long term goals, challenges and current IT services.
Step 2
We identify your tech needs and deliver a strategy discussion document the includes strategic options to suit your gorals and budget. From here we let you chop and change elements to develop your ideal plan.
Step 3
Once we've reviewed your options, we'll finalise them and detail your best plan of action. From cloud solutions, hardware and software, to supplies and more, we'll detail it all.
Step 4
Should you choose us to implement your IT strategy, we’ll begin, ensuring we work closely with you. You’ll get a dedicated team with the specialisms that are required and we’ll source any cloud subscriptions and hardware, put any planned systems and programmes in place, carry out migrations and more. All done in smooth transition so that your business is unaffected.

We develop cloud strategies than can incorporate a range of cloud solutions

The transition from on-premises infrastructure, to any form of cloud infrastructure, has the potential to prove highly disruptive to your business if done without the right support. This can be the case whether you are looking at public, private, or hybrid cloud and finding the right solution for your business can be difficult, but that’s where we come in!

Private Cloud

Your very own bespoke private cloud solution built and managed to suit your hosting needs, giving you the highest levels of security and control.

Hybrid Cloud

Take the next step to the cloud with a hybrid solution that works with your on-premise infrastructure, giving you high performance with a network tailored to you.

Public Cloud

Experience endless possibilities with complete scalability and security in Azure with the support of our Azure certified specialists.

Why String?


We’ve been doing this for 24 years! Since 1997 we’ve been helping our clients across the UK move through the fast-changing world of IT, supporting them to find the solutions they need for their business.

Cloud Specialists

We have a large team of cloud specialists with the certifications and qualifications required to take businesses on their cloud journey.

Bespoke Service

It’s not a one size fits all approach. We work with you to ensure you’ve got the right blend of cloud technology to suit your business needs and budget.

Your Dedicated Team

Our clients get a specialist team dedicated to them. Think of us as an extension to your business. We make sure the right people are in place for your business needs.

We're a Microsoft Solutions Partner

We’ve been certified by Microsoft as an organisation committed to excellence in evolving Microsoft technologies and offering transformative services to clients by expertly implementing Microsoft solutions. Microsoft have changed the way they certify partners like us and you will see the traditional gold badge disappear in favour of new Partner Designations. These are a lot tougher to attain and keep, and as you would expect, we are right up there with our team trained and skilled to meet these designations. This means there’s nobody better to work with you on your Microsoft cloud solutions.

Our customer...

As a large care provider, One Fylde needed a way to safely manage their sensitive data whilst upgrading their IT infrastructure so that it was no longer preventing staff from doing their job or slowing them down.  Through the use of cloud, we were able to ensure One Fylde had the correct storage solution for their needs, enabling them to grow as needed whilst remaining safe and secure at a cost-effective rate. Not only this but adopting a cloud-based IT infrastructure enabled One Fylde to take advantage of the services it comes with. From Microsoft 365 to Power Automate and much more, allowing their staff to be more productive. IT no longer hinders their work but now enhances it.

With our support

Here at String, we will support you from start to finish of your cloud journey. We work with you to understand your business and the outcomes you desire. We’ll recommend the right blend of technology for your business needs. Plus, we’ll work with you exactly how you need us to, whether its support along the way or a fully managed service, we’re here as experts to help you get the most of cloud.

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