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Help … on a Global Stage

I’ve had reason in the last couple of weeks to tap into a resource that is slowly becoming my go to place for help. Years ago, in the days of dialup internet, the most used part of early internet was bulletin boards. As text was just about the only thing that would make the journey [...]

2020 – The Year of the Resilient

I’ll say one thing for the past year … it certainly wasn’t boring. There’s an often cited saying that “people don’t like change”.  In my career, as well as my personal life, I have found this often to be the case.  Change requires conscious effort, to let go of the comfortable, and to embrace something [...]

The world is going digital, are you on board…

A few months ago, I received what appeared to be a random electronically generated mailshot from the Inland Revenue. Given what we do for a living I am naturally suspicious of most communications proposing to be from these guys, but this one was different. The mailshot was to prepare me for next year’s payroll year [...]

Next level stuff and you need to be on board…

Next level stuff and you need to be on board... So, month 8 in the covid-19 household and it feels a bit like Groundhog Day if I am honest. Home working is most definitely here to stay, leaving us all wondering what the best way is to keep remote employees in the loop of all [...]

The End is Finally in Sight, or is it The Beginning?

Finally, a glimmer of hope that the COVID-19 crisis is nearing an end. Whilst it’s still early days, and final approval is needed for the Pfizer vaccine; there’s a definite feeling in the air that maybe, just maybe, we can get back to normal early in 2021. But what is ‘normal’ now? If it’s where [...]

Use AI to Fight Cyber Crime

Here is one of those classic “it makes sense but doesn’t work moments”. If I wanted to design the best home security system, then sensibly, I should go to the Police (who deal with all burglaries), and ask them to design me a product that protects my house against every theft they have ever seen. [...]

Cyber Threats: Be afraid, be very afraid…

Running an IT business is no different to running any other type of business. We have the same challenges and often the same goals… One thing we certainly have in common is the threat of cyber-crime. Statistics show that this is the fastest growing crime on the planet. You may have seen the recent news [...]

How our Helpdesk Team Leader, Craig Prince, has adapted during the last 16 weeks.

How our Helpdesk Team Leader, Craig Prince, has adapted during the last 16 weeks. As the Work from Home order came into place from the government, we were already one step ahead: in preparation for this we’d been working from home the week prior. No one could have predicted the change in demand and issue [...]

Surprise somebody with Microsoft Teams. Here’s how…

Surprise somebody with Microsoft Teams. Here’s how… It’s rather simple really, just call them on their mobile or landline using Microsoft Business Voice via Teams. Surprised at how simple it is? Well, you’d be surprised at how surprised people are when you tell them that your calling from Teams. That’s because people are so accustomed [...]

Tom’s Tech in two minutes

Tom’s Two Minute Tech – Business Voice When the world adopted Microsoft Teams as their go to application, we, in the tech world, got very excited, because we could see the potential. Microsoft bombarded TV with advertising; “We Live in Teams” they had a great point. Providing colleague & client collaboration, cross-device functionality, and integration [...]

Tom’s Tech in two minutes

Microsoft Insights, one little button into a treasure trove of time! I have seen the Insights feature, being talked about for some time on the Microsoft Roadmap, and on the tech forums. So, like most techies, I was keen to see what it could offer. Some of the early testing, made claims to have “machine [...]

Chelsea’s Q&A with Jack our Technical Consultant

Being new to the company and only experiencing the office… well from my kitchen, I wanted to know how our Techies have been affected with remote working. So, I asked Jack one of our Technical Consultants, a few questions on his experiences with working from home. As well as delivering high end projects for new [...]

A message from Steve – the new norm

Hi String Friends, Like you, I have found running my business over the last 2 months both interesting and challenging. I would like to say I am starting to look at what life after lock down looks like, but if the truth be known, I have been looking towards this day from day one. I [...]

Don’t Blink!

If you’re a fan of the BBC’s Dr Who (we are) then you’ve probably seen the episode ‘Blink’. If you’ve not, and you’re too busy to watch it all; there’s a great shortened version on YouTube here. If you haven’t clicked the link and you’re still with us, the ‘Weeping Angels’ can only move (to [...]

Adapting our Communication in an Ever-Changing World

A quick thought for a Monday…. Isn’t it funny how all our methods of communication have changed over time, from Telegraphs, pigeon carrier, end of the street phone boxes, mobile phones and now handheld video chat? There is no denying how far we have come developing knowledge and improving the way we do communicate over [...]

How working from home allowed me to enjoy my future wife’s wardrobe

It’s 17:00 on a Wednesday, we’re having our daily company Teams meeting and I’m sat here in a leopard print leotard, ginger hair extensions and a full face of makeup – I look pretty hot to be fair, but I’m not sure the neighbours walking past my living room window would agree. It's become a [...]

An Unprecedented Use of the Word ‘Unprecedented’?

Dear String friends, I feel it’s safe to say that we’re experiencing an unprecedented use of the word ‘unprecedented’ at the moment.  Or are we? Following its first use by John Finch, Speaker of the House of Commons, in 1641; the word unprecedented had its first opportunity for unprecedented use after only 24 years of existence.  [...]

Are You Too Connected?

Your first day or two of home working were, if you’re anything like me, likely to have been quite exciting … exhilarating even. After the PM’s announcement in March; those of us who were still office based at String grabbed our screens, laptops, desk phones and, for those with big enough cars, their office chairs.  [...]

Recruiting during lock down – madness or genius – you decide…

The challenge So back in February, we recruited for a position of sales and marketing administrator... and then all hell let loose. This craziness has even seen the Prime Minister in intensive care and I really hope he pulls through. Regardless of your political beliefs, the country needs a strong leader at the helm and [...]

Day 3 – Working from home in lockdown

The challenge How do you keep your team engaged and in the loop when they are all working remotely - The answer: Hold daily water cooler sessions! So for me, this is day 3 working from home. I have an office at home and have, for as long as I can remember always had the [...]

You can for sure, fool some of the people some of the time.

In this first of a series of articles, let us share some insight around all things ‘social engineering’. Firstly you need to know what it is. Put simply social engineering is the act of tricking someone into divulging information or taking action, usually via technology. It’s a simple idea, intended to take advantage of a [...]

String announces its charity of the year

Following a detailed staff engagement and consultation exercise, String Systems are delighted to announce their chosen charity of the year for 2019/20. Derian House Children’s Hospice , do amazing work providing respite and end-of-life care for children and young people with life-limiting conditions, across Lancashire and South Cumbria. Every year the charity  provides care for [...]

If you aren’t happy in your relationship, don’t be afraid to do something about it.

Whilst this at first glance looks like personal relationship advice, be assured it isn’t. But it does however relate to a really important relationship for you and your business. It’s the one between you and your IT Managed Services Partner. The nature of this relationship has changed dramatically over recent years. Once very much an [...]

Top Tips for keeping your system secure

When it comes to protecting your systems, your client data, your reputation, and your users, then the need to have a focus on “all things best practice“ around IT security cannot be overstated. Whilst your IT partner can offer all sorts of practical advice guidance and solutions, each business needs to take responsibility for what [...]