Azure Virtual Desktop

Get a secure remote desktop experience no matter where you are.

Access your desktop and applications from anywhere

Enable secure remote working in a matter of minutes by using Azure Virtual Desktop, formerly known as Windows Virtual Desktop. Get the familiarity of Windows 10 with a new scalable multi-session experience for your team, plus it’s covered in your existing eligible Windows licenses, helping you to save. What’s more, you can manage the deployment of Azure Virtual Desktop within the Azure portal.

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The benefits of Azure Virtual Desktop

With Azure your virtual desktop runs on the cloud, giving your team secure access to all the applications, systems, and data they need on any device wherever they are.

Remote Working

Your team get access to the same systems and documents when they’re outside the office as they would in the office.


Provide controlled and secure access to data and applications to whoever you need to. Plus, ensure your business is still protected from cybercriminals when staff use their own devices.

Any Device

Employees, contractors, or visitors can use any device, whether it’s their own or the business’ whilst remaining secure.


You can add or remove virtual desktop access as and when you need it via the portal, so if someone only needs access during a temporary period, it’s simple to deploy and remove.

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How it works

Unlike your PC or laptop-based desktop, where the Windows operating systems runs on the device; an Azure Virtual Desktop actually runs the operating system on the Azure Cloud.  This is then accessed remotely, from pretty much any device; including: thin client devices, mobile devices, web browsers, and traditional desktop PCs and laptops.

Because the desktop never leaves the Azure environment, and you are just viewing and interacting with it with a piece of client software; you gain several advantages, namely:

  • You can utilise the immense computing power of Azure to power your desktop, with very little resource required on the client device
  • As the data and applications are running in Azure, there is (with appropriate security settings) no data held on the local device
  • The remote desktop can be accesses from literally anywhere where there is a reasonable Internet connection.
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Bring your own device

Bring your own device (BYOD) has become increasingly popular over the last 12 months, but having employees use their own devices presents access and security issues. With Azure Virtual Desktop these problems are removed. Whether it’s Windows, Mac, iOS, Android or HTML5, users can get the same experience on their own device as they would on a machine in the office, with all the same applications and the same level of security.

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Seamless Microsoft 365 experience

No matter the device, employees can access their Outlook, Office Apps and Microsoft Teams easily. Making it easy for users to continue on the go and in the office on any device, allowing them to remain productive.


Reduce spend

Being able to stretch your IT budget further is something every business wants. There’s no extra cost for Azure Virtual Desktop when you use your existing eligible Microsoft 365 licenses. Plus, the benefits mean that you can make savings elsewhere. From saving on device spend, to usage and more.

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Easy management in the Azure portal

It’s important for your IT department to be able to manage your services easily. With AVD You can configure settings, add and remove users, deploy apps and more all within a few clicks via the Azure portal. Making management simple and straight forward, meaning your users are up and running at speed, preventing delays and improving efficiency within your organisation.


Azure Virtual Desktop presents its benefits to varying sectors in their own way. Here’s how…


As healthcare staff require access to sensitive data, it’s important for that information to remain secure. Through AVD the data never leaves the server, staff simply access information stored in the cloud from their device on the go, it’s never saved to the device. Protecting patients and staff from data breaches.

Professional Services

Our Professional Services clients primarily benefit from virtual desktops in two ways:  enhancing fee-earner productivity by providing access to key applications and data from anywhere; and be ensuring confidential client data, and intellectual property remain under strict organisational control.


AVD enables remote working for staff and pupils giving them the same computing power at home as they do in school, college or university. Plus, with an increase in students accessing education systems from home, AVD security means that systems remain protected without depending on individual levels of cybersecurity.


With hundreds, sometimes thousands of employees, having the ability to add, remove and manage settings via a portal makes it much easier for public sector organisations to manage their system access and deal with a fluctuating workforce that can be spread across many locations whilst remaining secure.

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Azure Virtual Desktop with String

Here at String we support you from start to finish and work with you to understand your organisation to find the right IT services to suit your business needs. From planning to delivery and implementation, we’ll be there every step of the way ensuring a smooth transition that works for your business with minimal disruption. Plus, we’ll support you from completion and into the future, ensuring you get the most out of your cloud solution with the help of our certified experts.

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