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With over 20 years of experience in the fast-changing world of IT; we have hundreds of clients across the UK who rely on us to as their strategic IT partner. They also rely on us to be there when problems arise. As a result, our Microsoft Support services have evolved to be amongst the best there is.

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Professional IT Services

With Professional IT Services our team of highly qualified and experienced consultants will manage your journey to the cloud from start to finish, whatever path it needs to take.

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Managed IT Services

As a long-standing managed IT services company, we’ve got over 24 years of experience in providing managed IT support to businesses.

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IT Strategy Development

Our experienced team deliver solutions that are designed to deliver specific, measurable business outcomes. Focusing on your business and the outcomes you require.

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Security & Continuity

At String, we take a holistic approach to cyber security. Our Security & Continuity Solutions combine the latest generation of protection from threats, with the fastest possible infrastructure recovery solutions.

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Device Management

Mobile Device Management enables your organisation to manage and roll out company devices easily. Whether it’s iOS, Android, Windows and more, you can be sure that your MDM solution is compatible.

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Cyber Security

Providing integrated next generation security for your on-premises and hybrid cloud infrastructure components.

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Disaster Recovery

Solutions that allow you to survive the worst case scenario with our infrastructure protection  and continuity solutions.

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Productivity & Engagement

We help businesses like yours to build a modern workplace through Microsoft. Empower your team with the latest productivity, communication, and collaboration tools all available on the cloud.

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Microsoft 365

Boost employee productivity by providing access to documents and applications using Microsoft’s best-of-breed Office 365 solutions.

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Microsoft Teams

Allow your team to connect, communicate and work from anywhere, on any device, through Microsoft Teams.

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Microsoft Business Voice

Use Microsoft Teams as your phone system and make internal and external calls by adding the Business Voice feature.

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Platforms & Places

Our Cloud Journey Solutions are designed to help our clients to maximise their return on IT investment, whilst enjoying scalability and agility; wherever they are on their journey to the Cloud.

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Cloud Services

Adopt next generation technology with cloud services. Our solutions enable your business to maximise your IT budget whilst giving you the scalability and performance you need now and in the future, all tailored to you with built in security.

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Whether it’s to support your phone systems or IT, you need to have a connectivity solution in place to suit your business needs. That’s why we’re here to ensure you’ve got the bandwidth to keep your business moving.

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We have proven track record working with hundreds of clients across the UK (and some farther afield) who rely on us to as their strategic IT partner. Here are just some of our customer success stories…