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Microsoft 365 provides your business with the tools it needs to be productive and collaborate effectively. It includes office apps (Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more) along with Teams, Outlook, file storage and much more. All ran on a subscription model and hosted in the cloud so that you can easily add or remove users and access your files and apps from anywhere on any device.
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Devising the best Microsoft 365 strategy for your business


Assess Business Needs and Goals

We start by evaluating your business requirements and goals, to identify key areas where Microsoft 365 can add value, such as enhancing collaboration, improving productivity, increasing security, or streamlining communication. We take into consideration factors such as the size of your organisation, industry-specific regulations, remote work needs, and scalability requirements. This evaluation lays the foundation for tailoring your Microsoft 365 strategy to meet your specific business needs.

Select the Best Plan and Features

Microsoft 365 offers a range of plans and features designed to accommodate diverse business needs. We help you to research and choose the plan that best aligns with your requirements and budget, evaluating factors such as the included applications (such as Word, Excel, Teams, and others), storage capacity, security features, compliance capabilities, and licensing options. We also consider add-on services such as Advanced Threat Protection, Information Protection, and Compliance to enhance security and compliance efforts further.

Plan for Seamless Deployment and Adoption

A successful Microsoft 365 strategy hinges on effective deployment and adoption across your organisation. We develop a detailed deployment plan that outlines tasks, timelines and responsibilities for migrating to Microsoft 365 services. And we provide you with comprehensive training and support to ensure your employees are equipped with the knowledge and skills to leverage Microsoft 365 tools effectively.

Ongoing Management and Optimisation

Microsoft 365 is a dynamic platform that evolves over time with new features, updates, and security enhancements. We help you to establish robust management and optimisation processes to keep your Microsoft 365 environment running smoothly and securely. We also regularly review your usage data and performance metrics to identify optimisation opportunities and address any issues promptly. Finally, we keep you informed about Microsoft's roadmap and upcoming releases to leverage new features that can benefit your business; and we prioritise security and compliance by implementing best practises, conducting regular audits, and helping you to stay vigilant against emerging threats.

Why choose Microsoft 365?

Stay on top of work

Office 365 includes all your must-have applications including Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Publisher and more. Stay on top of work in the office, on the road and at home. And work better and more collaboratively with your team.

Keep in touch

Teams has transformed the way we operate. Host meetings, make video and audio calls, share files, and chat all in one centralised platform. Making working with people inside and outside your organisation easier than ever.

Manage documents and data

SharePoint lets you easily manage your documents and data, saving and sharing your files in a shared area designated for your organisation. Organise your personal and shared folders better, with high levels of security to keep them safe.

Business class email

Exchange gives you business class emails on any device. Communicate and manage your calendar easily and professionally and get access to the latest AI tools to support you with managing your time and workload.
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