Our people set us apart

No, they really do...

And this is why…

When you are building a team of superstars, the underlying culture of the business needs to be built on unique factors, “A Player Traits” to give them a name. Ours underpin our team. These are our A Player Traits, created by us, extensively used by us and right at the heart of personal development for every member of our team.

There are twelve, with the first and last one being the only ones in any order. Enjoy coming to work heads up the list. When used with the next ten, its not hard to see why, when used correctly, our A Players go home fulfilled and happy at the end of the day.

This is what makes a Stringian.

Our A-Players

Our A-Players

Look forward to coming to work

Our A-Players

Admit their mistakes (preferably before they are noticed)

Our A-Players

Aren't afraid to ask for help

Our A-Players

Make time to help others when needed

Our A-Players

Celebrate the success of others

Our A-Players

Constantly strive to develop themselves

Our A-Players

Put the needs of our clients and their fellow A Players ahead of their own egos

Our A-Players

Consider the consequences of their actions and plan ahead

Our A-Players

Pay attention to detail: Precision is vital, especially when coding or configuring systems, or troubleshooting

Our A-Players

Find ways to innovate and improve

Our A-Players

Define themselves by their own behaviours, not the deficiencies of others

Our A-Players

Go home happy at the end of the day

And there's more...

Knowledge, skills and behaviour. Three of the most powerful career building words you can use at String.

Knowledge is easy, read a book, go on a training course, hey you could even pass an exam or two. This is all day to day stuff here at String. The trick is to turn that knowledge into skills. We cannot sell knowledge, but we can sell skills. And put simply, the more skills we can sell, the more rewarding your career will be with us. Turning knowledge into skills is the magic bit... only joking, all you need is the right behaviour using the A Player Traits above. Simple eh!

Training & Development

Your very own personalise training plan. It starts with what you know now, what you need to know, and how are we going to get you there. Training is a fundamental part of your future career at String and is encouraged, and delivered in all areas of the business.

A Clear Driven Plan

We know where we are going and our team of superstars are coming with us. Some people call it vision, mission and values but we are way cooler than that. Our plans are huge, and whilst we would love to tell you about it here, you have to work for us to find out more!

We're social

Charity work, bbq's, tough mudder, clay pigeon shooting are just some of the events that have taken place over the last 12 months. There is a saying, you work hard, you play hard and our team know how to do both. Its just a standard part of a day in the life of a Stringian!
Perks of the job - String Systems

The Perks

There are some pretty cool perks to being a Stringian as well:
  • 1

    Your birthday off - nobody should work on their birthday

  • 2

    33 Days holidays including bank holidays

  • 3

    Company co-funded pension scheme

  • 4

    Profit related bonus

  • 5

    Modern Preston office close to all local amenities


We proactively plan ways to give back

Supporting our team whilst they support others is very easy and hugely rewarding. Whether it is cycle rides to Paris, ultra marathons, half marathons, skydiving or bringing cake to work days, our team have done it all. Our clients are pretty amazing at supporting us as well.
Career Progression - String Systems

Career progression

Be rewarded for your ambition and talent

Do you have what it takes to be a Stringian! If you have got this far on this page, you should get in touch. We are always on the lookout for talented individuals that can help us reach our goals, you never know where your next conversation could take your career.

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