10 Things You Didn’t Know About Microsoft’s Cyber Security

We’ve all heard the term Cyber Security, but what does it really mean, and can you actually stop an attack from happening?

A cyber security threat usually involves a hacker, that attempts to threaten or harm a business’s reputation, operation or day-to-day functioning. This is done in the form of phishing, malware or other malicious activity.

From our experience, businesses only prioritise their cybersecurity after they have been a victim of a cyber-attack.

We’re working hard with Microsoft to rewrite this script, making cyber security accessible and affordable to all businesses. So here are 10 things you didn’t know about Microsoft’s cyber security:

1) Microsoft Defender Protects More Than Just PCs

Do you remember the days when you needed different security solutions for different devices? Microsoft Defender now extends its cover to Macs, Linux, Android phones, and iPhones. This means you can have one security solution for all your devices.

2) How Microsoft Defender Keeps You Safe

So… can you actually stop a cyber-attack from happening? The short answer is, yes! Microsoft Defender takes a proactive approach to keep you safe. Instead of relying solely on known viruses or malware, it monitors program behaviour. If something starts acting suspiciously, like attempting to access your personal data without permission, Defender steps in to stop the threat. It’s like having a security guard for your digital ecosystems.

3) Microsoft Defender Works Hand in Hand with Azure Security Centre

For businesses using Microsoft’s cloud services like Azure, the partnership between Microsoft Defender and Azure Security Centre changes the game. By working together, these security systems keep an eye on your cloud-based resources, ensuring your valuable data remains secure.

4) Automatic Fixes with Microsoft Defender for Endpoint

Imagine if your security software could automatically fix problems for you ~ No, it doesn’t have supernatural abilities ~ but it is great at detecting suspicious information and acting right away.

5) Always Up to Date

Cyber threats are becoming more advanced, but so is Microsoft Defender. It is constantly learning from Microsoft’s vast network of threat sensors and intelligent sources. So, you are always protected against the latest tricks cybercriminals come up with.

6) Microsoft Purview Makes Sense of Your Data

With so much data floating around, it is easy to lose track. That’s where Microsoft Purview comes in. It helps you organise and understand your data, making sure you know what’s important and where it’s stored.

7) Protecting Sensitive Info with Microsoft Purview and Information Protection

Keeping sensitive information confidential is, or at least should be, a top priority for any business. Purview isn’t just about organising data; it helps keep the sensitive stuff safe too. It works alongside Microsoft Information Protection to make sure confidential data stays that way, no matter where it’s stored or who’s accessing it.

8) Stay Compliant with Microsoft Purview

Laws and regulations about data are always changing. With Purview, you can keep up. It helps you check if your data practices are in line with the latest rules, so you can avoid any legal headaches.

9) See Where Your Data Goes with Microsoft Purview

Ever wonder where your data travels? Purview shows you. It tracks how your data moves around your systems, giving you valuable insights and helping you identify any leaks or risks along the way.

10) Easy Insights with Microsoft Purview and Defender

Both Microsoft Purview and Defender use clever tech to give you useful insights. They help you understand your data and security better, making informed decisions about your overall security strategy.

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