Things to consider with your IT as we go back to normal

Normal; I think we used to know what it looked like, and now, as we are seeing green shoots in the economy, we are starting to work with the new normal and are getting our heads around what our IT as we go back to normal looks like.

When we all went home back in March 2020, we quite literally grabbed any device we could to get connected to the office. Sadly, this also meant that some security protocols were overlooked, and our support desk went into overdrive making sure that clients had secure, safe access to the files and folders they needed to work effectively.

As we return to work, there are lots of things to consider with your IT in this new normal world.

What does the new normal look like for you?

If, like us, your team will now be permanently flexible, this means that the new normal still involves having a significant number of your team members working at least on a part time basis, at home. This is the new normal and whilst I agree that collaboration works best in the office, there are definitely benefits to focussed work taking place at home, but do you have all the solutions in place to manage a hybrid workforce? The right connectivity, suitable devices that allow staff to move from place to place, productivity and engagement solutions that enable your staff to collaborate easily no matter where they are, such as Microsoft 365? There are so many ways in which you can aid your workforce to be productive whilst adopting the new normal.

Preparing for Teams meetings when you are not the only person in the room

Whilst we have been at home, we have had the luxury of being able to close doors to get the right environment. Back in the office though, you will find that those super comfortable fruit-based earphones (other earphones are available) are so good that they will easily pickup everyone else’s voice as well as your own. Investing in something that is very good at removing the background noise will give your colleagues on the call a much easier time as they will only be able to hear you, as opposed to also hearing John and Sally in the background on every meeting.


It is fair to say that the UK’s biggest unplanned broadband test was successful. We could all do with more speed though so checking when your contract expires or even a call to your provider, mid contract to see if you can get an increase in speed, could make all the difference with your IT as we go back to normal.

Planning for the future

Making sure we have a IT strategy in place so that you are prepared for whatever this pandemic throws at us. Preparing for hybrid working environments, upscaling workforces, managing more data and documents, these are all thing you should be prepared for. Your IT strategy will play a huge part as we go back to normal, and it is at the very heart of what we do.


Do your teams have access to the information they need – equally as important, what do they not need access to. Aligned with your strategy, would be a well-built security plan. Making sure you future proof the security of your business is something to revisit as we go back to normal. Firewalls, switches and networks have evolved massively in recent years and could be the boost your network needs when hundreds of users are all trying to access the same things.

There is a specific, definite shift in the conversations we are having with our clients. As a starter for ten, collaboration is the hottest topic as we discuss IT as we go back to normal. This is something we can help you with.

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