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“Oh – okay.  I didn’t realise you were still using typewriters … no problem, here’s what you need to do…”


You don’t tend to hear those sort of conversations these days, but I just did.  I was in a meeting with our CEO, Steve Pickering, and he took a call from one of our customers; one who we have taken care of for over 20 years.


The customer has computers, of course; however it turns out that they still like the quality touch of a type-written Delivery Note it seems.  This had presented their MD with some form of technical challenge in relation to their Sage accounting system.  Undaunted, Steve proceeded to offer him sound advice that helped him to deal with the problem; at no time questioning his choice of technologies.


What Steve was, albeit unconsciously, demonstrating was what is known as ‘the Founder’s Principle’.  String was born as a service-oriented company.  From its inception, to today’s cloud-centric (and typewriter centric of course) operation, we have always strived to provide our clients with the correct advice to suit their needs.


If you’re in sales, you might be shouting “Sell them Microsoft 365 you idiot!”, or worse.  I would like to point out however, that our core principles don’t allow this for one simple reason:  It’s not the right technology for his organisation’s size and requirements … typewriters are the right thing for them in this particular instance.


Whilst we’ve moved on to providing Microsoft Modern Workplaces and Azure platform solutions to the near totality of our client base; we never leave a client behind because they don’t fit the view of a ‘modern organisation’. If you’re looking for a strategic IT partner that will always put your interests over commercial gain, then why not get in touch…

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