Ensure business continuity with cyber security

Business are at risk of cyber-attacks now more than ever before. Homeworking has caused a huge increase in risk and in the success rate of attacks. This is because people are less vigilant when working from home, using their own Wi-Fi, dipping in and out of private networks and due to the huge demand for laptops, we’ve had a shortage of devices. So many have grabbed their own device to simply get their job done. Which has in turn, increased risk as personal devices are usually much less well protected. Cyber-attacks have increased by 60% over the last year, which has left businesses stuck with no access to their systems and data, usually held to ransom to get it back. So what can we do about it? How do we ensure we are well prepared and provide business continuity with cyber security?

It’s obviously extremely important to have security in place to prevent an attack happening, a service which we provide to many of our clients, you can find out about it here. But, it’s important to have a recovery plan in place too. How do you get back up and running if the worst happens? You need a proven continuity plan. Did you notice I used the word ‘proven’?  That’s the import bit.

We have technology solutions that ‘simulate’ an attack to test your Business Continuity with cyber security in anger, before it becomes a real, business-threatening event. And, we don’t just do it once a year, instead, we test our clients’ entire server infrastructure has successfully replicated to the Cloud once an hour.  We also perform a full, regular, simulated recovery in the Cloud to prove that they can continue to function after contact with the enemy.

Importantly, our Business Continuity solutions address both of the below scenarios:

Loss of Service: We can recover clients’ server infrastructures within 1 hour, to a point of time not more than one hour prior to the disaster

Loss of Access: As well as on-premises recovery, we can recover their infrastructures in the Cloud, allowing access to their IT services from any location

So should you experience the worst, you’re rest assured that you can retrieve all of your files and data from the latest back up, and you can have your business back up and running in no time. Saving you time and money.

In today’s fast-changing IT world, the nature and number of ‘enemies’ is increasingly difficult to keep track of. By focusing on the two areas of Loss of Service and Loss of Access, we can help you to be ready for the day when first-contact comes.

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