How Microsoft Teams improves productivity and collaboration

How Microsoft Teams improves productivity and collaboration

Here at String we are constantly striving to find new, innovative ways in which we can work, not only for ourselves but for our customers too. What we’ve found is that Microsoft Teams improves productivity in so many ways. Not only that, but it just makes life at work easier.  This week in particular, saw a few meetings where this was highlighted, starting with our quarterly update.

Holding meetings with staff inside and outside the office

Each quarter we share, with the whole team, warts and all, how we are doing. During the pandemic, these meetings have been invaluable, enabling us to share fundamental information on the decisions we, as a company are making, to navigate our way through unprecedented times. Throughout this period we conducted our meetings with everyone at home, all through teams. I shared my PowerPoint and ran through the slides. A document which Paul (Sales & Marketing Director) and I had worked on collaboratively, once again in Teams.

We think it is hugely important for the whole team to see the pluses and minuses of the inner workings of the business, thankfully, despite an uncertain period for all businesses, we’re now thriving better than ever. And, with things starting to get back to normal, we now had a chunk of the team in the office, which meant this meeting saw the use of Microsoft Teams once again which allowed us to enable our remote workers to have as close an experience as possible, to the ones who were able to social distance in the room.

With the use of touchscreens, multiple microphones, multiple presenters, and some clever trickery in PowerPoint, we delivered a fantastic experience for our team. Oh, and the whole thing is recorded in Teams for those that were unable to make it due to other commitments. And, although it sounds complicated, it was really simple.

Everything ran smoothly, with homeworkers able to view the slides and hear us narrating them, whilst the rest of the team sat and viewed this in person on the big screen. Microsoft Teams improves productivity and collaboration in this way and it’s proved to be great for us and many of our clients.

Working collaboratively on documents in Microsoft TEAMS

It’s not only in meetings that we see the benefit of Teams. In the marketing update meeting, we had 3 people in 3 different locations, all collaborating on the same document at once. Gone are the days of sending a document over email for someone to update and send back. Now, you’re given access and can make your alterations in real time, and, you can do it together, you could have 100 people working on a document at once if you really wanted.  It always puts a smile on my face when you see a spreadsheet being updated by people collectively even though they are hundreds of miles away from each other.

The same went for our Finance meeting and many others, It’s hard now to think back on how we did these meetings without working in TEAMS. Wow, how we relied on email and patience, waiting for someone else to finish what they were doing so that we could do our job.

Here are just a few examples from us at String on how Microsoft Teams improves productivity and collaboration for our business, just like it can with yours.

Welcome to Microsoft TEAMS and the Modern Workplace. Making working easier.

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