Chelsea’s Q&A with Jack our Technical Consultant

Being new to the company and only experiencing the office… well from my kitchen, I wanted to know how our Techies have been affected with remote working. So, I asked Jack one of our Technical Consultants, a few questions on his experiences with working from home. As well as delivering high end projects for new and existing customers.

Let’s see what Jack has to say:

Q: How have you managed delivering Projects from your Bedroom?

A: Luckily, I have my own room setup where I can work from at home. So, it’s not been too bad, still having to get up and go into another room is the best way to detach my bed from work. I don’t think I’d sleep if I actually had to work from my bedroom!


Q: After being told you would be working from home, for the foreseeable future, what were your first thoughts?

A: I’ve worked from home for intermittent days before, however being told it was going to be for a long, unknown, length of time was a little daunting. Not knowing if you’re going to see anyone else besides from those in your household can be a little worrying.


Q: Having experienced delivering projects in the office and from your home – Apart from the obvious, what are the main differences?

A: Peace and quiet, when delivering projects! It’s a lot easier to focus yourself on a specific task when there’s no distractions around.


Q: What has been the hardest part to adjust to, whilst still trying to maintain a high level of customer service?

I would say the hardest thing to adjust to, is how hard communication has become. Whilst in the office communication happens a lot easier and more naturally. From home, we do need to document things more and share across different platforms, to gain the same level of communication we have in the office. We are however, lucky we have the right systems in place, to help keep the cogs turning smoothly.


Q: Now you are fully settled into working from home, what will you miss when we go back to the office?

Being able to wake up at 8:55 and be on time for work!


Q: Do you think you’re more productive at home or less productive?

A: More productive for sure. I can get more stuff done, but it does have some drawbacks. Sometimes, you can spend more time looking through the web to fix an issue instead of quickly turn to someone, show them the issue, and quickly resolve it together.


Q: How has our cloud technology stack made it easier (or even possible) to deliver projects from home?

A: Working with cloud technology has made it very easy to deliver projects from home. Utilising technologies such as InTune on Microsoft Azure, has provided us the ability to configure a new full environment for a client. This meant that we haven’t needed to attend site to deliver project work.


Q: How might a client have done better to help? (come on… be honest)

A: I would love it if they gave us a call back when we asked them too! I don’t think they realise how hard it is to give professional support when we can’t get in touch with the end user!


Q: Has your partner learned any new technical skills, by listening to you all day long? 😊

A: Fortunately for me, Rachel’s still been working, so I get peace throughout the day.

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