Cloud vs On-Premises

Blog Cloud vs On-Premises

Cloud vs On-Premises has become one of the most deliberated topics within the business world, well, when it comes to IT of course. Obviously, as an IT company specialising in cloud solutions, we are pro cloud. But we understand that it’s not always as simple as just migrating to the cloud. There’s a lot to […]

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Blog Our top 10 tips for migrating to the cloud

Thinking of migrating to the Cloud? Already moved to the Cloud and wish you hadn’t? Here are our top 10 tips for migrating to the cloud without the pain…   1. Know what cloud technology is Sounds simple right?  Well, there are a lot of cloud solutions out there, including on-premises Enterprise Cloud, hosted cloud […]

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Productivity & Engagement How Microsoft’s Power Automate can benefit businesses

Power Automate from Microsoft is benefiting businesses across the world including many of our customers. But to explain how, first we’ll discuss what it actually is, along with some real life examples to put the benefits of Power Automate into context for you. What is Power Automate? Formerly known as Microsoft Flow, Power Automate is […]

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Blog The features of Microsoft’s Power Platform

Tired of repetitive tasks?  Fed up of paper shuffling? Sick of waiting for the IT team to grant folder permissions?  Annoyed at getting to work to find there are no parking space? Bored of being asked the same question over and over again? Microsoft’s Power Platform is here to help. Hopefully you don’t suffer from […]

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Blog We’re client focused every time

“Oh – okay.  I didn’t realise you were still using typewriters … no problem, here’s what you need to do…”   You don’t tend to hear those sort of conversations these days, but I just did.  I was in a meeting with our CEO, Steve Pickering, and he took a call from one of our […]

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Blog A quick lesson on hybrid cloud solutions

What are hybrid cloud solutions? Hybrid cloud is a data and computer system storage solution that combines an on premise data centre or private cloud with a public cloud network such as Microsoft Azure, which allows the sharing of data and applications across networks. Organisations use hybrid cloud solutions to provide their business with a […]

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