Adapting our Communication in an Ever-Changing World

A quick thought for a Monday….

Isn’t it funny how all our methods of communication have changed over time, from Telegraphs, pigeon carrier, end of the street phone boxes, mobile phones and now handheld video chat?

There is no denying how far we have come developing knowledge and improving the way we do communicate over history. We no longer must write letters and then wait two weeks for a reply, with the evolution of technology; text messages have become our modern-day letters, whilst phone calls have become a lifeline to our personal communities.

While the world is on lock down – through no fault of our own – it seems, we have adapted and evolved yet again to how we interact whilst speaking with friends and family. I’m sure I’m not the only person who’s noticed a change in the way I go about my day to day interactions. I no longer just pick up the phone to call my social circles; I find myself instantly wanting to video chat. In the current world of crazy, this is completely natural; we have been missing the feeling of warmth and being able to interact with other humans – especially those that aren’t our partners, children or housemates!

I am only grateful we have these resources at hand; resources that, only a few years ago we may not have had. It is how we are all coping with uncertain and ever-changing times. Video calling is giving us what we are all missing, interaction, love and a sense of ‘being’ with a person we care about.

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