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New Employees

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We are pleased to announced our latest new employees in Brandon Rogan and Becky Brindle.

Becky comes from a customer service background and is here to answer all of your service related questions. If you call our office, Becky is likely to answer the call.

Brandon has had experience in customer account management and will soon be a familiar face when he visits your office.

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Copyright Infringement – Big Brother is Watching

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Copyright Infringement is an increasing reason for big brother watching what we are all doing.

As far as your internet activity is concerned this story is becoming ever more prevelant.

Only yesterday a client sent us a copy of a notice reporting of a Potential Copyright Infringement that they had received (copy below)

If such a notice is received by your organisation,

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The importance of password security

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As the world of technology grows, hackers are becoming more and more of an issue. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do to stop hackers hacking; however, we can minimize the chances as much as possible. The importance of password security is absolutely massive and as much as we’d all love to have a ‘secure’ and easy to remember password of ‘Password123’ we need to think about making our passwords as hard to crack as possible.

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Think Twice Before you Click

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How many times do you think twice before clicking on a link in an email, post or text?

How many times have you provided confidential information, then had doubts about whether the person contacting you may not be from the bank, credit card company or other provider.

We met a client recently who believed that he was providing information to his bank,

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Keeping up to date with technology by visiting Microsoft Inspire

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Last year I visited Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference in Toronto. Apart from Toronto being an amazing place there were 25000 other delegates to network with. Conversations took place in the strangest of places one of which was in the hotel lift where I met one of the Directors from Firebrand Training and as a result we now have a Microsoft Apprentice working with us.

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Protect Your Data Using Online Back Up

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Our online back up services allow you to schedule multiple seamless backup routines securing your business critical data.

Whether it is a single server or multiple servers in complex configurations using Microsoft Hyper-V, our online backup solution gives you peace of mind that your data is safely stored in the background.

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Dollar Rate Price Increases

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On January 1st Microsoft announced price increases for all Office 365 subscription services. Licensing can be a minefield and we can help you negotiate your way through this increasingly complicated process.

We are expecting to see other manufacturers fall in line with this and your best way to find out how you could be affected is to get in touch with us.

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Sage 50 Accounts Future

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String are attending a Sage Business Forum tomorrow where we will discover how the future of Sage 50 Accounts solutions will benefit our clients.

Perpetual licensing versus Subscription options. Which is the best option for you? and how long is there going to be an option to buy the software outright?

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String Digital Transformation

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The world of IT is changing at a faster rate than ever before. The String Digital Transformation is no exception.

From our new website to technical innovations, the future is here.

Whether your business is looking for the latest time saving solution, or simply to update your business processes,

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