Free Copilot Webinar

What you will learn in this session

The Microsoft Copilot webinar is for IT Managers, organisation leaders and Finance Managers with 50+ IT users. You will have the opportunity to see the new features and benefits of Copilot.

In the session we will cover:
  • 1

    What Copilot is and how it works

  • 2

    Efficiency gains of using Copilot in Microsoft Outlook, Teams, Powerpoint, Word and Excel

  • 3

    The cost benefit of Copilot adoption for your business

  • 4

    The risks of not adopting an AI strategy

What we'll cover


Introduction to Copilot

Learn all about Microsoft's latest Copilot technology and how it can revolutionise your workflow. Our expert speakers will guide you through the features and benefits of Copilot, and show you how to make the most out of this powerful tool.

Copilot live demo - Teams, Outlook, Powerpoint and Word

We'll cover automatic task assignment and tracking, meeting summaries, optimised Outlook calendar management, enhanced spam filtering, intelligent PowerPoint design suggestions, real-time collaboration, Word writing assistance, and document summarisation.

The risks of not adopting an AI strategy

We'll discuss how failing to integrate AI can lead to decreased competitiveness, inefficiencies, and higher operational costs. Learn about the dangers of slower decision-making, missed opportunities, and poor customer insights, as well as the risk of falling behind in technological advancements.


Who is hosting the webinar?

This webinar is being hosted by String Systems. You get a unique opportunity to meet the team and learn first-hand about the new technology being released within Copilot.

Who is the webinar designed for?

This workshop is designed for IT professionals and design-makers in the North West. Previous attendees have included IT Managers, CTOs, CEOs, Directors and Finance Managers overseeing 50+ IT users.

What will the session cover?

This webinar will showcase the capabilities of Microsoft Copilot within a demo environment. For more details on the content or to request a specific feature to be demonstrated, please email us at

What if I can't attend on the proposed date?

Not to worry – anyone who registers their interest will get the opportunity to see Copilot in action. Simply fill out the form and you’ll be the first to receive the updates.

First of all, thank you to Team String for hosting this event. I thought it provided a valuable insight and I personally found it beneficial for my own benefit and the businesses. Having other customers on the same webinar added a level of transparency and enriched the demonstration, especially allowing open questioning and answering session. In true Sting style being open and inclusive, thank you.”
Liza Barton