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Contrary to popular opinion, in this increasingly cloud computing world, there is still a very important role for the on premise server in creating the optimised environment for many client organisations. Whether your journey to the cloud is still embryonic, you are an advocate of fixed cost computing, you have non-cloud friendly applications,

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If you are considering an environment that ‘out of the box’ includes compute power, networking, memory and storage but additionally scaleability and high availability, then a converged solution from Fujitsu should be on your radar. The Primeflex Cluster in a Box is best in class and is the low cost,

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User expectation regarding how they interact with their systems has evolved significantly in recent years. Gone are the days of ‘one size fits all’. As costs have reduced, and the value of having the right tools has increased, users rightly expect their client device to suit them and their way of working.

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Making sure your networking environment is designed with optimum performance and security in mind is crucial. The demands placed on this environment will continue to increase, often exponentially, as more and more devices connect to your network, above and beyond traditional PC,s printers and telephones. And your network is not constrained by the walls of your business premises.

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Your data is your business. And it is growing relentlessly. And it needs to be located where it is accessible but safe and secure. Choosing the right storage solution is an integral part of choosing the best overall technology solution. We understand your challenges and can present the right option for you and your organisation.

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