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Endpoint management and Monitoring

Endpoint management and Monitoring

Keeping your system safe from the latest threats – The EM solution automatically keeps all your devices up to date by deploying the latest security and performance patches.

Helping maintain productivity – By monitoring key application services that help run your business, if there is an issue detected, the EM solution will automatically attempt to resolve the issue. If it fails, it will immediately raise an alert for an engineer to investigate.

Mitigating avoidable downtime – Backups are the most crucial part of any disaster recovery plan. The EM solution constantly tracks the status of all backups to ensure, if in the event of a disaster recovery, you can roll back to the most recent time and date to minimise loss of work.

Reducing staff interruption through ‘away from desk’ maintenance¬†– The EM Solution allows us to remotely push out a variety of applications and fixes to any internet connected device. This could be an update for your core line of business application software, ensuring everyone is on the latest version, or tools to automatically free up space on the computer. This can all be accomplished in the background without needing any interaction or having to wait for the task to complete before the user can work again.

Reducing frustration – Multiple hardware sensors are constantly measured to detect any issues that could cause slow performance or responsiveness. These instances alert engineers who will investigate and evaluate and are able to make informed recommendations as to the appropriate solution.