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At String we recognise that the Cloud is not a single destination.  It encompasses years of innovation and ‘as-a-Service’ consumption models as varied as they are complex.  We also recognise that every client is different when it comes to their cloud needs.

So, how’s your ‘Cloud Strategy’ going?  Do you even have one?

If not then you could always find a solutions partner to help you; however, in our experience, their advice will tend to take one of two forms:

  • Rebrand an on-premises solution as ‘hybrid’ or ’private’ cloud and hope for the best
  • Try to crowbar you into an unsuitable cloud-only solution

For this reason we’ve simplified the idea of the cloud journey by combining the myriad of choices into three simple areas: collaboration & engagement; platforms & places and security & continuity.


Our Productivity & Engagement solutions deliver Microsoft’s Modern Workplace vision in a way that reflects your business needs by combining productivity (Office 365), collaboration (Teams, SharePoint), EUC (Windows Virtual Desktop and RDS) and communications (Business Voice).

  • collaboration & communication
  • mobile & flexible working
  • productivity


Our Platforms & Places solutions provide the right location for your IT infrastructure components to meet your current business needs; without the lock-in or limitations associated with a traditional Capex model.  Monthly consumption models for cloud and on-premises services that allow your IT services to scale with your changing business needs.

  • infrastructure as a service
  • on premises computing
  • networking


Our Security & Continuity solutions provide the latest generation of cyber protection for every aspect of your IT infrastructure, including: data centre, endpoints, mobile devices, network and cloud.  We also provide best-in-class business continuity solutions to protect your IT services should the worse happen.

  • advanced endpoint protection
  • infrastructure security
  • business continuity

String 365 represents a range of services aimed at keeping your IT function closely aligned to your organisation’s business strategy.  With over 20 years of experience in the fast-changing world of IT; we have hundreds of clients across the UK who rely on us to as their strategic IT partner.  They also rely on us to be there when problems arise.  As a result, our services have evolved to be amongst the best there is.

  • Strategy Development
  • Professional Services
  • Managed Services

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