Tom’s Tech in two minutes

Tom’s Two Minute Tech – Business Voice

When the world adopted Microsoft Teams as their go to application, we, in the tech world, got very excited, because we could see the potential. Microsoft bombarded TV with advertising; “We Live in Teams” they had a great point. Providing colleague & client collaboration, cross-device functionality, and integration with existing Microsoft software. Teams is something of the future, they have also thought about additional addons; Dropbox, Zoom and Planner Team

I was able to setup, amazing experiences for clients and myself. But I still needed to overcome, some questions from our customers; “Tom, I love this new Teams software, I also see the benefits using my laptop and iPhone anywhere, but…. I still need to receive and make phone calls?” “I can’t really do that with my PC in the office or on my laptop?” “Does this software limit me to my desktop at the office?” “Has Microsoft Teams fix that issue??”

The answer – Business Voice. A simple keypad in Microsoft Teams, but a whole “techie toolbox” in the background.

With many telecoms providers trying to understand our daily protocols in the IT industry. SQL, routers, and servers to name a few, we now get to dig into the world of telecoms. Being a Microsoft certified technician really helps you, our customers.

The Teams Admin centre is intuitive, plus it fits with all the other Microsoft 365 Admin centres. The wording, polices, and tags all work the same way as for emails or SharePoint. Within minutes I had ported in 10 unique phone numbers and assigned them to some of our staff. I had also, created a fully functional “Auto Attendant”, which not only answered the incoming call, but gave options to transfer calls to Sales or Technical team. I can also, create the same reports I’d use for email activity; seeing inbound, outbound, who called and when.

Call plans have minutes, and I could see the pool available reducing with each call. Communication credits kicked in for numbers dialled outside of the calling plans. Organizational policies were applied, restricting everything from numbers to countries and pretty much any tag I wanted. Forwarding calls to mobile, or voicemail is, surprisingly like setting an “out the office” reply in emails.

Managing phone users was the same as managing computer users, again similar tools, along with features. I easily swapped numbers in and out of users and linked different users to alternate numbers. I was even able to setup, a user which dialled out, as the main office line, not their unique number.

Microsoft Continues to Disrupt and Raise the Bar

On Reflection, every technical consultant wants one thing, “Simplification”, we crave it! Microsoft clearly understood this, when presenting us with a game-changer like 365 Business Voice. It provides just the right amount of functionality for those running small to mid-sized businesses.

It’s simply a very competitive alternative, for companies who want to break away from legacy phone systems; no matter which platform they use, to connect with their colleagues.

More importantly, it answers the killer questions, I get asked at every demo.