The Real Cost of Cloud Services

The cost of getting it wrong

  • Bleeding cash from legacy technology…
  • Systems that frustrate your team…
  • Technology that undermines collaboration…
  • Difficulty changing affects business agility…
  • Reduced business profitability & growth… immeasurable

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One question that every organisation asks is “what is the cost of cloud computing?” whether you are just starting to get to grips with the possibilities of cloud technologies; are already waist deep in research mode or have started an IT transformation journey, as a decision maker within your company you need to know the impact moving to the cloud will have upon your bottom line.

This whitepaper succinctly answers this very question and pus forward a simple conclusion: cloud + your business = cost savings

Why UK Businesses Trust String

Here are some of the reasons why our customers choose to work with String:

Years of Experience

We’ve been doing this for 24 years! Since 1997 we’ve been helping our clients across the UK move through the fast changing world of IT, supporting them to find the solutions they need for their business.

Our People

Here at String we’ve developed a large team of “Stringians” with varying specialisms all here to support you. From Technicians and Technologists to Strategists and Consultants, we’ve got the right people in place to get the job done.

Bespoke Service

It’s not a one size fits all approach here at String. We tailor everything to suit you. We learn all about your business because we care. This helps us to prepare an IT plan and strategy to suit your business needs.

We’re Experts

We’re cloud specialists and we know exactly what we’re talking about. We stay on top of trends in the fast moving world of tech so that you don’t have to, plus, we are experienced in developing bespoke solutions to businesses of all shapes and sizes.