Surprise somebody with Microsoft Teams. Here’s how…

Surprise somebody with Microsoft Teams. Here’s how…

It’s rather simple really, just call them on their mobile or landline using Microsoft Business Voice via Teams.

Surprised at how simple it is? Well, you’d be surprised at how surprised people are when you tell them that your calling from Teams. That’s because people are so accustomed to receiving phone calls from, well, another phone, that they sometimes struggle to accept what Teams can do.

This has been my experience over lockdown when calling to catch up with clients. “How’s it going for you?” I’d ask. “Not bad” they’d reply, “we’ve managed to get everyone working from home, but we’ve struggled to get the telephones to work. What are you guys doing about phones?” they’d ask.

Oh phones” I’d say, “we use Microsoft Business Voice from within Teams. In fact, I’m calling you from my laptop right now. I just clicked the phone icon next to your name in Outlook and here we are.”. After a brief pause, many of them would say something like “Oh right”, followed by one of the following:

  1. How does that work then?
  2. We need to talk to you about that
  3. That’s a shame. I’ve just renewed my current telephony contract for 5 years

If reading the above has caused you to think “Oh right”, then here’s how String Systems can help you with the first three follow ups:

  1. We can provide you with an end-to-end demonstration of Microsoft Teams in all its glory
  2. We can talk to you about how you can adopt Business Voice in your organisation, allowing you deliver full enterprise phone system functionality, integrated collaboration, and a range of competitive calling plans.
  3. All is not lost.  We can talk to you about how you can integrate your current IP telephone system with Microsoft Teams to allow full convergence within your organisation.

More than ever, life is full of surprises now. It’s nice that the occasional one is a good one!