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From Phishing to Smishing it might be reasonable to feel a little bit paranoid at the moment.  As today’s endpoint protection technologies get ever smarter;  even with the best security software installed, it’s more often than not the end-user that presents the greatest vulnerability. String Phishing Protection is designed to keep you ahead of the curve.

Phishing attacks target basic human vulnerabilities.  By inviting them to carry out perfectly ordinary actions (e.g. clicking a link on a familiar seeming email, send sensitive details to a seemingly trusted source); these attacks can bypass whatever cyber security measures you might have in place.

The current crisis has further increased the risk as criminals target home workers.  Their primary approach is to target their unfamiliarity with their home working environment; invites to video calls, requests for financial information by colleagues, offers of financial assistance from the Inland Revenue.  It seems their ingenuity and lack of basic humanity know no bounds.


It’s quite simple:  education, education, education.

Our Phishing Protection Service comprises two key components:

  1. A simulated (and safe!) Phishing attack, launched by our consultants, identifies any of your team members who are inclined to click on seemingly innocuous links.
  2. We then deliver what we refer to as a ‘Speed Awareness Course’ to any team members caught by our simulated attack. This comprises a webinar aimed at helping your team members to identify the various methods that attackers use to gain access to your confidential information.

We’ve also found that the most effective long-term solution is to repeat this exercise once a quarter; allowing your team to build awareness of the threat landscape over time.

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