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Share files, collaborate and build your own intranet with Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint enables your business to share data, files, resources, news and more across your very own branded and secure intranet. You can customise SharePoint so that it works exactly the way you need it to, you can organise files by department, customer groups and more, whilst managing access to sensitive files and materials. You can even build your SharePoint so that it automates specific activities and supports your processes by managing files and data on your behalf.  Get effortless collaboration in a secure environment no matter where you are or what device you’re using, a key tool for business with endless capabilities.

Microsoft Sharepoint

Work Together

Work collaboratively with colleagues by editing shared files and documents in real-time, make live comments and call each other all at once, enabling you to complete tasks faster.


Increase productivity by spending less time waiting for others whilst working faster by easily managing and accessing the files you need.

Work Anywhere

As long as you’ve got internet connection you can access your documents from any location on any device.


Anywhere access means that working from home is done with ease. Plus, using Teams to speak to colleagues and customers creates the perfect platform for homeworking.

Backed Up

Should the worst happen and you lose access to your files, you can be assured that we can get you back up and running within an hour thanks to our disaster recover solutions.


Permission and access settings allow you to keep confidential files protected, plus, our cyber security solutions offer added protection for your systems and data.


Connect with people inside and outside of your organisation no matter where you are. Microsoft Teams has changed the game and made remote working easy. Whether its a one to one call or a webinar with thousands of attendees, you’ll have the ability to communicate effectively and simply. Make your meetings more personal and go face to face or turn the camera off and hold a simple audio call with the people you need. On the road? Hold your meeting from your mobile. Need to add a member of your team to the meeting? No problem, it’s just a few clicks. Simple!


Think of an instant messenger service for business. Need a quick response? Or just want to drop a message that doesn’t need an email? Here’s where the chat function kicks in. In one window you can chat with any members of your team quickly and easily. It saves time, speeds up working processes and prevents your inbox from being clogged. You can even send each other files, images, gifs and more. Plus, you can chat with however many people you want and start a meeting instantly from a chat window at the click of a button.

microsoft 365


With advanced features from Business Voice you can turn Microsoft Teams into a VoIP phone systems, providing your business with the ability to make and receive calls from landlines and mobiles. It has all the features your traditional phone system has, such as auto attendant, voice mail, call queues and forwarding, recording, audio conferencing and more. All available for management and set up on Teams. Making managing your calls simple with one centralised location.

microsoft teams


Enable your team to communicate and collaborate in one place. With Teams you can easily work collectively on documents, updating and changing your work in real-time on a shared channel. Share documents between people inside and outside of your organisation and give access to those of your choosing. Remain organised by creating groups that give access to files and communications around your chosen topic area and keeps them in one place. Plus, you can do all of this anywhere on any device.

How we support you on your Microsoft Teams journey

Tailored Solution
Microsoft Teams comes with all Microsoft 365 plans. We will find the right Microsoft 365 plan to suit your business needs and budget.

Your dedicated String team will take you through your Microsoft Teams journey from start to finish, ensuring implementation is smooth and seamless.

Ongoing IT support
Our support doesn’t end when you’re set up. We’re here whenever you need us.

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