If you aren’t happy in your relationship, don’t be afraid to do something about it.

Whilst this at first glance looks like personal relationship advice, be assured it isn’t. But it does however relate to a really important relationship for you and your business. It’s the one between you and your IT Managed Services Partner.

The nature of this relationship has changed dramatically over recent years. Once very much an ‘IT focused’ relationship only, now far more focused on the client’s business issues and their opportunities. Once passive and ‘wait to hear what goes wrong’, now proactive and ‘we will sort your problems before they impact’. And once arm’s length and ‘let’s meet when an upgrade is due’, now dynamic and let’s make sure you are receiving the right service and advice to support your business and its ambitions.

But sometimes as these relationships evolve, incompatibilities appear, and they are found wanting. Your partner isn’t growing with you. You find yourself needing and expecting different things. Of course, you seek ways to save the relationship. You talk and try and get things back on track. And often, even the mere thought of starting again makes people prepared to hang on in there, in a bad relationship, for far longer than they should. But eventually the talking is done, and you are ready to bite the bullet. However before you cut ties, you need to have someone ready to step in immediately (if not before), as the good running of your business is dependent on it.

If you were thinking about changing your IT relationship, you need to talk to String Systems and here’s why

  • You want peace of mind. For you, the process of change is a once in a blue moon event and consequently quite daunting. String help organisations make this change all the time. And as a result, we have the experience, systems and process to make the whole exercise painless
  • You want the relationship to be better from the off. You probably feel unloved, undervalued and often will view IT as a necessary evil in the business. String want you to help you recognise that with the right approach, IT is an enabler of great outcomes. Our engagement with you is through people who don’t only talk technology but first and foremost talk business and value. We get under the skin of your organisation, what is important to you and where you want to be. We can then ensure we help deliver service and strategy that is tailored to your business
  • You want to work with people who understand your technology. By concentrating on getting the building blocks of the relationship in place minute one, we can quickly start making a difference. So, as we assess your system, you meet our technical team and see first hand their capability and positive approach to engagement. Then we ensure all the information about your environment ‘as is’ and the thoughts and ideas of how things could be made better are shared with you in detail. The technical details of your environment are stored in our state-of-the-art IT Service Management solution and we ensure that all key devices and services are proactively monitored. Backup, security updates, the good running of your server or environment, all taken care of.
  • You want added value. Should you become a String client, with your systems well supported, that’s when we can really start to accelerate the value we deliver. Regular engagement at a frequency of your choosing underpins the relationship. We want to ensure, by maintaining a current knowledge of what’s happening in the business, that we are ensuring you get the best from your investment in IT. And in turn we can ensure you are kept updated with tools and opportunities to do things better. We know we have succeeded when you see us a true partner focused not on your IT per se, but on the well-being of your organisation.
  • You don’t want to have to change again. String have a simple philosophy. If we have great people, who look after you, offer you great service and great advice, you will want the partnership to endure and even tell others how much happier you are. Your business success will support our business success enabling us to continue to invest in our people and our capabilities, further increasing the value we can deliver.

So the moral is, if you have persisting doubts about your current relationship, don’t be afraid to pick up the phone or write that email and take positive action to do something about it. It could be one of the most important decisions you make.