Strategy Development

Cloud Solutions Delivering Business Outcomes

We’ve learned one very important principle here at String: ‘Listen’.  When we talk to our clients, we don’t just look to apply technology for technology’s sake; instead we recognise that our solutions are designed to deliver specific, measurable business outcomes.

If all you need is a technology supplier, then we are more than happy to oblige.  For those clients that are looking for a more strategic relationship, here are our top three reasons for working with String as a strategic partner:

1.        A focus on business, rather than technical, outcomes

Information Technology has moved from an operational service to a business enabling service.  To do so, it must remain relevant to your organisational requirements, delivering tangible business outcomes.

Here at String, we remain focussed on the business outcomes that our solutions deliver, ensuring that your business continues to benefit from your investment.

2.       Alignment of your IT strategy to support the wider business strategy

Historically, the IT function in an organisation has operated in a technical silo.  In this mode the specifics of the IT function are largely unknown; being considered a cost-centre rather than a business enabler.

Here at String, we work closely with our clients to ensure that their IT function operated in complete alignment with their wider business strategy.

3.       A strategic partner is a partner for the long term

By focusing on the long-term business requirements of our clients; we remain relevant to their business needs in the long term.  The very nature of IT in today’s fast changing world means that our ability to focus on the important technical developments, and how they relate to each of our clients, remains one of our greatest strengths.

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