Don’t Blink!

If you’re a fan of the BBC’s Dr Who (we are) then you’ve probably seen the episode ‘Blink’. If you’ve not, and you’re too busy to watch it all; there’s a great shortened version on YouTube here.

If you haven’t clicked the link and you’re still with us, the ‘Weeping Angels’ can only move (to attack you) when you’re not looking at them (for quantum reasons). The Doctor’s advice: “Don’t Blink!”

So, why is an IT company talking about not blinking? Well, like the (potential) victims of the Weeping Angels, now is not a good time to blink. Things are happening so quickly that nobody has time to pause, to think and then to act. From the scramble to enable home working, to the ongoing effort to make home workers productive, and to the soon to come, dash back to work; decisions are being made at speed. The luxury of taking considered action, over a two to three year time scale, has simply vanished overnight. No time to blink, let alone pause.

In a month or two there’ll be time to pause and reflect on lessons learned, and how you might better prepare your IT systems and services for the next major disruption.  For now, why not go and click that YouTube link above, take a few minutes out of your day to enjoy David Tennant at his best, and remember: Don’t Blink!

Stay safe and stay in touch.

The String Systems Team