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Your data can be considered as one of your organisation’s most valuable assets. Implementing an enterprise-class cloud data storage solution to protect it should be at the forefront of your mind. We’ll support you to migrate your data, store and manage it now and into the future with cloud.

Our range of Microsoft Azure solutions provide cloud data storage solutions that are:

Providing the best of breed access security, and data loss prevention measures to protect your data from malicious access and corruption
With as good as infinite scalability, Microsoft’s Azure platform can provide cloud data storage solutions for business from start-ups to truly global operations
Cost Effective
By only paying for what you use, our Microsoft Azure cloud data storage solutions offer a far more cost effective solution than, traditional, hardware based, on-premises solutions
Microsoft’s global data centre network is built from the ground up with scalable resilience in mind

We provide cloud data solutions that address three broad client requirements:

Cloud data storage can mean different things to different clients. Whether you’re referring to document and information storage, data backup solutions or servers, we’ve got the solution to suit your business needs.

Cloud Server Hosting

Usually referred to as IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), or PaaS (Platform as a Service); our Azure cloud server hosting solutions provide true cloud hosting capabilities to meet any organisation’s needs.

Cloud Backup Solutions

We can provide cloud backup solutions to meet any requirement; from simple file and data backup, to full infrastructure backup of on-premises environments. Our backup solutions meet the needs of your business.

Secure Data Storage

Whether part of a hybrid, on-premises/cloud solution, or as a pure cloud-only solution; our Microsoft Azure cloud data solutions offer unrivaled data security for your organisation’s data.

Why cloud data storage?



Your data couldn't be more secure. Access to data centers is controlled through two-tier authentication, including proxy card & hand geometry biometric readers. 

Back Up

Back Up

Your data is backed up, which means you can always recover your data, systems or documents should the worst happen. 

Cyber Security

Cyber Security

Updates run automatically, which prevents your cloud data storage from developing vulnerabilities. Plus, you've got hundreds of cyber security specialists working on your behalf. 



Need to increase capacity? There's no need to pay the cost of an engineer visiting your site, you can simply do this in the portal, amongst many other self managed changes. 

Reduce Costs

Reduce Costs

With cloud, you only pay for what you use on a monthly subscription model basis. There's no need to invest in expensive tin or pay for storage you don't utilise. 

Automation Tools

Automation Tools

Get your system to manage, report and present your data automatically with tools such as Power Automate. 



You can increase or decrease your usage depending on your needs. Should your business grow with a need to host more data in the cloud, not a problem! Or if you're downsizing your cloud data storage solution can downsize too. 

Work Anywhere

Work Anywhere

Using cloud technology enables your employees to have the ability to access systems, data and documents over the internet wherever they are, safely and easily. 

We're a Microsoft Gold Partner

We’ve been certified by Microsoft as an organisation committed to excellence in evolving Microsoft technologies and offering transformative services to clients by expertly implementing Microsoft solutions. This means there’s nobody better to work with you for cloud data storage.

Our customer...

As a large care provider, One Fylde needed a way to safely manage their sensitive data whilst upgrading their IT infrastructure so that it was no longer preventing staff from doing their job or slowing them down.  Through the use of Azure, we were able to ensure One Fylde had the correct storage solution for their needs, enabling them to grow as needed whilst remaining safe and secure at a cost-effective rate. Not only this but adopting a cloud-based IT infrastructure enabled One Fylde to take advantage of the services it comes with. From Microsoft 365 to Power Automate and much more, allowing their staff to be more productive. IT no longer hinders their work but now enhances it.

Why String?


We’ve been doing this for 24 years! Since 1997 we’ve been helping our clients across the UK move through the fast-changing world of IT, supporting them to find the solutions they need for their business.

Cloud Specialists

We have a large team of cloud specialists with the certifications and qualifications required to take businesses on their cloud journey.

Bespoke Service

It’s not a one size fits all approach. We work with you to ensure you’ve got the right blend of cloud technology to suit your business needs and budget.

Your Dedicated Team

Our clients get a specialist team dedicated to them. Think of us as an extension to your business. We make sure the right people are in place for your business needs.

With our support

Here at String, we will support you from start to finish of your cloud data storage journey. We work with you to understand your business and the outcomes you desire. We’ll recommend the right blend of technology for your business needs. Plus, we’ll work with you exactly how you need us to, whether its support along the way or a fully managed service, we’re here as Azure experts to help you get the most of cloud.

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