How Microsoft’s Power Automate can benefit businesses

Blog Shadow IT – 5 steps to take back control of your data

Shadow IT is nothing new. It’s been a thing for as long as the personal computer has been around. COVID-19 has, however, created the perfect petri dish in which Shadow IT has been able to grow at an incredible rate. But what is Shadow IT? And, more importantly, why should you care? What is Shadow […]

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Blog Parents evening with Microsoft Teams

Like all kids up and down the country, mine have been getting used to distance learning, in this instance using Microsoft Teams. But that doesn’t mean they’re avoiding the sometimes dreaded parents evening. But parents evening with Microsoft Teams is different. It’s better for everyone involved, or so I think. This is the next generation […]

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Blog Adapting our Communication in an Ever-Changing World

A quick thought for a Monday…. Isn’t it funny how all our methods of communication have changed over time, from Telegraphs, pigeon carrier, end of the street phone boxes, mobile phones and now handheld video chat? There is no denying how far we have come developing knowledge and improving the way we do communicate over […]

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