Blog Chelsea’s Q&A with Jack our Technical Consultant

Being new to the company and only experiencing the office… well from my kitchen, I wanted to know how our Techies have been affected with remote working. So, I asked Jack one of our Technical Consultants, a few questions on his experiences with working from home. As well as delivering high end projects for new […]

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Blog A message from Steve – the new norm

Hi String Friends, Like you, I have found running my business over the last 2 months both interesting and challenging. I would like to say I am starting to look at what life after lock down looks like, but if the truth be known, I have been looking towards this day from day one. I […]

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Blog Adapting our Communication in an Ever-Changing World

A quick thought for a Monday…. Isn’t it funny how all our methods of communication have changed over time, from Telegraphs, pigeon carrier, end of the street phone boxes, mobile phones and now handheld video chat? There is no denying how far we have come developing knowledge and improving the way we do communicate over […]

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Blog Moving through unprecedented times

Dear String friends, I feel it’s safe to say that we’re experiencing an unprecedented use of the word ‘unprecedented’ at the moment.  Or are we? Following its first use by John Finch, Speaker of the House of Commons, in 1641; the word unprecedented had its first opportunity for unprecedented use after only 24 years of existence.  […]

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Blog Chelsea tells us about starting a new role in a pandemic

So back in February, we recruited for a position of sales and marketing administrator and then all hell let loose. This craziness has even seen the Prime Minister in intensive care and I really hope he pulls through. Regardless of your political beliefs, the country needs a strong leader at the helm and nobody can […]

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