Are You Too Connected?

Your first day or two of home working were, if you’re anything like me, likely to have been quite exciting … exhilarating even.

After the PM’s announcement in March; those of us who were still office based at String grabbed our screens, laptops, desk phones and, for those with big enough cars, their office chairs.  Within just a couple of hours we were up and running in our, widely dispersed, virtual String office.

Why did I describe it as ‘exhilarating’ you might ask (you might also not ask, it’s just that helps with the flow of the Blog)?  Well, because we were all still very connected.  We had email, video calling, our office phones, our mobile phones, texts, Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.  Communicating with my remote colleagues couldn’t have been easier.

In fact it was too easy:  If someone didn’t answer their office phone, try their mobile.  If that didn’t work, email and text them.  With so many ways of connecting to each other it very quickly started to become a bit, well, chaotic.  On numerous occasions I’d be answering my mobile, while on a Teams video call and checking my inbox.

We had become too connected.  When we were in the office; if you couldn’t get hold of someone, and their diary said they were free; you’d just pop round to their office to see if they were available.  In the world of home working, that option was abruptly removed.  Something needed to be done, and the answer was simple…

Simple?  Well yes, we ‘simply’ told everyone to use Microsoft Teams, and only Microsoft Teams.  As long as your diary is up to date, and accurately reflects what you are doing; then the Presence functionality does its job perfectly.  If you need somebody, and they are ‘busy’ or ‘in a call’ you can either try calling (and you might be invited into the call if its appropriate) or drop them a message in Teams Chat.  Harmony was restored.

Of course, Teams didn’t just provide a way of dealing with over connectivity.  By using all the features available, such as telephony, automated transcription, white boards, screen sharing and forms; we’ve found that the whole String team have become more productive and engaged.

It’s one thing to create marketing material that tells prospective clients how we can help their colleagues to become more productive and engaged; it’s another thing to find yourselves absolutely reliant on the same technology to function.  We’re just grateful that our solution portfolio places Microsoft Teams at the forefront of our offering, and that we can say, with absolute confidence, that the technology works.

If you’re feeling ‘too connected’, or worse, not connected enough; why not take a look at our Productivity & Engagement solution portfolio here.

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As always, stay safe and stay connected.