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It’s all about the Process

Structured, engaged, well managed, quality execution, client-centric. These are just some of the key elements we seek to apply when working with our clients. Whether it is the very first meeting where we are both ‘fact-finding’, and ‘ambitions finding’ in equal measure, to ensure our subsequent advice and guidance hit the mark, or a project to deploy new technologies or ways of working, or even the approach we take to resolving a thorny issue on our help desk, each interaction with String should be underpinned by what we collectively call the String Process. And by adhering to this process, which involves following consistently proven methodologies, but being flexible and agile when necessary, with the optimal client outcomes at the heart of the thinking, we ensure the best possible results.

We are Prince 2 Practitioners and this industry standard Project Management methodology instills best practice and discipline not only into the specific projects we regularly undertake with clients but to all aspects of the way we conduct ourselves.

There are seven Prince 2 principles. Here’s how we apply them to our wider business

“Continued Business Justification:” Whatever advice we give, the solution we propose, etc there has to be a tangible business benefit as an outcome. Never do something for “doing its sake”

“Learn from Experience”: Bring forward the best from you what have done in the past and avoid repeating previous mistakes. Seek continual ways to improve what we do.

“Defined Roles and Responsibilities”: This is all about creating the best team (both internal and external) to take forward any project or initiative, ensuring each participant knows what is expected of them and the contribution they should be capable of making

“Manage by Stages”: We adopt a logically structured approach to our activities, breaking them down where appropriate to make execution more effective, and provide the best levels of control.

“Management by Exception”: For us, this about empowering our people. Give them the parameters to enable them to do the job they need to and indeed want to do and the result is a motivated workforce delivering the highest levels of service.

“Focus on Products”: This is actually about ensuring you have clarity on what the expected outputs and outcomes will be of undertaking the proposed project or activity, removing the risk of misinterpretation and disappointment.

“Tailor to Suit the Project Environment”: Lastly but importantly, be prepared to have flexibility in our approach. There is no one size fits all methodology, but a set of tools and guiding principles which, if adopted, will make a difference

Prince 2