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About Us

About Us

Focus – Our principle focus as a Managed Services Provider (MSP) is ensuring our clients get the best from their investment in IT. We supply solutions to their problems, or help them embrace their opportunities, utilising a blend of on premise and hosted environments. We then provide a first-class on-going support and advisory service to ensure that the systems work as intended and are optimised to deliver competitive advantage.

Experience – Founded at the turn of the century, String Systems are a mature organisation with 20 years’ experience of implementing successful and transformational projects and delivering fantastic service. As the wealth of technologies at our disposal have evolved so have we, to reflect the capabilities our clients need.

Scale – It is a well worn cliché but we truly believe we are ‘big enough to cope, small enough to care.’ From clients with 450 active users across a multi site distributed network covering the North of England to entrepreneurial companies with less than 5 active users, String have an approach that works at either end of the spectrum and everything in between.

Expertise – Our business is absolutely a people business and it is the skills and capabilities of our highly experienced team that ensure we deliver on our commitments to deploy innovative solutions and resolve those thorny issues when they arise. Over 100 years of collective technical wisdom can be called on across our Service Delivery Team.

Passion – Every employee in the organisation is passionate about a ‘client first’ approach to all aspects of our engagement. This is a philosophy and culture which thrives on a bottom up approach not top down. New people joining the business are picked for their inherent belief in going the extra mile, service excellence and adding value.

Owner managed – We think this is important. Many of our clients are owner managed businesses and we understand their challenges and the passion that they have for taking their business forward and the impact (both good and bad) that IT can have. Steve Pickering and Tom Wright lead the String team from the front, and are hands on with ensuring the team is focussed on a daily basis on delivering awesome service and advice.

It’s not about IT! – If you are looking for that differentiation with other MSP’s, we think it is our fundamental belief that you aren’t really interested in IT, you are actually interested in the outcomes it delivers. Whatever the type of organisation you are, you will have a forward looking business strategy, key business objectives and performance indicators etc. If you can ensure your IT solutions and services are aligned in the best way possible to support delivery against each of these, you significantly increase your likelihood of success. And equally if you can ensure your IT Partner understands you where you need to be and how you plan on getting there, that further increases the likelihood of positive outcomes. We take the time to really get under the skin of our clients so our advice and support is absolutely in line with where it needs to be.