2020 – The Year of the Resilient

I’ll say one thing for the past year … it certainly wasn’t boring.

There’s an often cited saying that “people don’t like change”.  In my career, as well as my personal life, I have found this often to be the case.  Change requires conscious effort, to let go of the comfortable, and to embrace something new.

Now cast your mind back to January 2020 if you would.  What were your plans for the year ahead?  A nice holiday to look forward to … maybe.  That promotion that you’ve been promised … perhaps.  A new house that you’ve been planning … possibly.  10 months sat in your bedroom staring at a computer screen for 9 hours a day with little or no social interaction with friends or colleagues … probably not.

For a planet populated by people who “don’t like change”, we certainly got over that notion quickly.  Change, driven by uncertainty, became an almost daily thing.  Our daily routines shattered, our work lives turned upside down, our pastimes snatched away.  If anything now defines the oft-cited ‘New Norm’, it’s a state of constant change.

In this strange new environment; some floundered, others survived, and some thrived.  Their response was defined by their ability to adapt to change at both a personal and an organisational level.  To put it another way, it depended upon their ‘resilience’.

Here at String, 2020 certainly called for high levels of resilience.  We’ve been tested, daily.  More than ever before, we realised that instead of thinking of growth, and the acquisition of new clients; we needed to turn our focus to taking care of our existing clients.  Why?  Because, like us, their resilience was being tested to the full.  What’s genuinely wonderful is the feedback we’ve been getting from across our client community, and I thought I’d share one here as a great example.  The below quote came from a long-standing client in response to our “Festive Service Desk Hours” email update:

Just had to respond and say thanks for your email and your Stringians have really stepped up to the mark for us during Covid.
We couldn’t have coped without you.

I’ve said change requires resilience.  Together, working with our clients, our combined resilience has got us through the chaos of 2020.  I want to say a huge ‘THANK YOU!’ to them all, and to wish them a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.