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On Premise Server

Company: Golf Club – On Premise Server


The client had identified their needs could no longer be met by their encumbant IT supplier. As a business they had developed significantly and required more sophisticated support.
String Systems were invited to perform an initial audit for the golf club with a view to help highlight current issues
The club was presentenced with a clear review of their current systems and a recommendation going forward.


It was clear from our audit that the club could reduce their current hardware footprint by deploying a single physical on-premise server and take advantage of Microsoft’s 365 offerings.
The club traditionally had three servers on-site:
• Active Directory – which handles user login requests and file security
• Email Server which collected and deployed all golf club emails
• Till Server used solely to manage the tills

Our solution was to install a new server on-site with enough capacity to manage user logins, file sharing and security. In addition it could also run the new till database system installed less than a year before our involvement.

Email was managed in the Microsoft Cloud as this gave greater capacity for email storage, easy accessibility and the reassurance of 99.9% uptime offered by Microsoft.

Using the Office 365 platform also allowed the client to centralise all the Office Applications to the current version and deploy Office 2016 to all users.

In addition we secured their broadband with a business level firewall and installed content control on this service. The users also benefited from a number of new PC’s installed for key staff.

Not forgetting backup – they now have a single point of backup and are able run daily backups and store these off site.