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Office 365 & Sharepoint Online

Company: Multi Site Residential Childcare Provider


The client has recently moved to a new head office – they have 6 care existing care centres and growth plans for a further 7.

This rapid expansion meant both existing and new homes needed to have access to standard documentation issued from Head Office as well as access to home specific information.
Security was of paramount importance with sensitive information only to be accessed by the appropriate staff at each home.

Inter-home information was not to be available.

Head Office required the ability to see all documentation across all homes along with the ability to distribute updates, training information and certification requirements.
Managers at each of the homes also required the ability to access their documents off-site (at home)


We used SharePoint Online which was part of the customer’s Office 365 subscription, to build a platform to facilitate this. SharePoint Online is configured to deny access to external users. This ensures that although it is a web platform, it is only accessible to users within the client’s accounts.

The structure of the platform was built around document stores with each home having its own unique store. Permissions were set on each store to allow the Managers and Head Office staff to manage permissions.

We also created separate stores for templates and training documentation, again with appropriate permissions.
As a cloud based service it was accessible from all sites as well as remotely without the need for VPN connections which can rely on high speed broadband connections and the security concerns around linking consumer PC’s to the office.
Accessibility was key and SharePoint made this simple as users could link their document store to their computer to give the experience of a local folder or drive. The documents could be opened and edited using either Word Online or the full Word programme with negated the need to worry about compatibility or if they have the correct version.
SharePoint also provided versioning and backups so that security and accidental errors were also reduced.

This solution was chosen as it will scale as the company grows and allow Head Office and the homes to keep up to date with current documentation.