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The importance of password security

As the world of technology grows, hackers are becoming more and more of an issue. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do to stop hackers hacking; however, we can minimize the chances as much as possible. The importance of password security is absolutely massive and as much as we’d all love to have a ‘secure’ and easy to remember password of ‘Password123’ we need to think about making our passwords as hard to crack as possible.

A simple password that includes characters such as ‘1234’, ‘Password’ or ‘0000’ can be cracked by a hacker in as little as 10 minutes! This is why it is beneficial to you to make sure your password contains numbers, letters, and a minimum of 8 characters. Longer passwords with more numbers are difficult to remember, however you should never write your password down. For example, a lot of people would keep their passwords in a notebook in a drawer, this is one of the first places someone would look. If you do happen to forget your password then you should never re-use the same password, as this makes it yet again easier for a hacker to hack.

Getting a perfect ‘un-crackable’ password is virtually impossible and there is always a chance that you will be hacked. Fortunately, Biometrics is now available and this we believe is the future of security. ‘Biometry is the application of statistical analysis to biological data’, in English, this means fingerprints, facial recognition, iris recognition, voice recognition and so on… This can be put on doors, digital devices etc. Not only does Biometrics security improve the levels of security, but it is also faster than having to remember and type in passwords. Another advantage of this is that all the factors of biometric security are personal to you and are completely unique.

There are some disadvantages to different typed of Biometric Technology, as some are more accurate than others and prices also vary. However, if it reduces the chances of being hacked even further then it is worth it!

See below for more information on the different types of Password Security measures.

Biometric Technology



Devices Required

Social Acceptability
ADN High High Test Equipment Low
Iris Recognition High High Camera Medium – Low
Retinal Scan High High Camera Low
Facial Recognition Medium – Low Medium Camera High
Voice Recognition Medium Medium Microphone – Telephone High
Hand Geometry Medium – Low Low Scanner High
Fingerprint High Medium Scanner Medium
Signature Recognition Low Medium Optic Pen – Touch Pen High


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