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Full Server Migration

Company: Accountancy Practice

Overview – Server Migration

Our client was linked onto a Head Office fully hosted server solution but found that some of the tasks were slow and tedious
The main challenge was to install the new server and workstations while allowing staff to access both the existing parent server and create new workflows on the new servers. The solution below talks you through this server migration.

Solution – Server Migration

String Systems decided the best solution for the client was a hybrid server strategy. This involved supplying two mid-range physical servers and utilising cloud based services from Microsoft.

One of the new servers was configured using Microsoft Hyper-V software, allowing us to create two virtual machines on one server. One of these virtual servers was setup as a Domain Controller to serve all users with password logins, file security and address management. The second virtual server was then configured as a Remote Desktop Server allowing auditors access to the key applications while on customers site.

We used secure SSL certificates to publish these applications over the internet.

The second physical server was configured to run crucial line of business applications for account production.
We used Microsoft’s Office 365 offering to provide a fully hosted and secure email service. It delivered all users a full copy of Microsoft Office Pro Plus. The client is also looking to utilise SharePoint in the future as well as investigating options with Skype for Business.

During an exhaustive pre-install we were able to build, test and configure the entire system at our Preston office prior to installation. This not only improved the install speed but also allowed us to setup many parameters usually only available during the install.

At the install phase we were able to deploy via a group policy an application that gave every user the ability to access the existing system and the new system simultaneously thus minimising downtime.

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