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Company: Payroll / Business Support Bureau


The MD of our client had worked for many years as the Practice Manager of a firm of Chartered Accountants. During that time he experienced many businesses struggling to manage the volume of paperwork that comes with running a small business

Records were never kept up to date so vital management information was not available and important decisions were based on nothing more than guesswork

The time that had to be spent on payroll and personnel issues increased as the businesses expanded
There was the constant worry that VAT returns were not being completed accurately

As a result, over the last few years our client found themselves buried in paperwork and Excel spreadsheets getting to the point where each client had his own complex spreadsheet or spreadsheets.


String Systems started work on a new workflow system in conjunction. Both teams worked seamlessly together to create a brief and sense check every aspect of the company database at key milestones.

We then developed and deployed a bespoke, centralised management database massively reducing the paperwork and time spent updating each client’s information while making it easily accessible. This solution was written from the ground up using industry standard JSP techniques (Jackson Structured Programming) and delivered on the FileMaker database solution.

With a focus and usability, each user had specific access to client information and was easily able to find / update or simply browse payroll or other client history.

Key features of the system included information about tax years, pensions, reporting and client management. By centrally recording key information about PAYE Reference Numbers, Pay Frequency, CIS and Sub Contactor information the time saving and increased productivity of the system allowed our client to keep administration costs low and stay competitive in a busy sector.