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Copyright Infringement – Big Brother is Watching

Copyright Infringement is an increasing reason for big brother watching what we are all doing.

As far as your internet activity is concerned this story is becoming ever more prevelant.

Only yesterday a client sent us a copy of a notice reporting of a Potential Copyright Infringement that they had received (copy below)

If such a notice is received by your organisation, the onus is firmly on you as the bill payer to ensure that the infringement is not of your or your colleagues’ doing, which is far easier said than done.

Organisations that open their Wireless internet service up to visitors, guests or members have little control over what those individuals access, and therefore albeit unknowingly accept the consequences of others actions. If ongoing infringement is observed, the likelyhood is that fines will be imposed as a result of continual copyright infringement.

There are 2 aspects worth considering:

  1. For those organisation that do not open their internet services to anyobne other that company employees, we recommend that a suitable website filtering service is introduced (associated with a professional management router). This service provides, amongst other elements, the ability to block adult material, block time wasting sites such as gaming, social etc, prevent virus or malware ridden websites from being accessed.
  2. For organisations that open their doors to the public, be they guests, visitors or members of a club or association, we also recommend that your business adopts a public WiFi service, where people wanting to use your internet service have to register and login to the service. Although this service will not prevent people from infringing copyright law, it will protect the business from potential fines and prosecution as the registration process gives us the ability to identify individual devices that fall foul of the regulations. In these instances service providers can pursue the individual and not the company.

In addition, by adopting option 2 you are able to harvest the email addreses people use to log into the service for marketing purposes. a further unexpected benefit from clients who have adopted the service is that they have the ability to monitor employee internet activity through their online dashboard.

String Systems would be happy to provide you with information and a quote to provide a suitable proferssional router and website filtering service as well as a public WiFi service for your business.

Just give us a call on 08448 581550 or email us here