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Cluster-in-a-box Case Study

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The customer
Mears Carpets are a 200-year-old company suppling carpets, wood laminate and vinyl floor coverings to all major house builders in the North of England. The business is run from a custom-built showroom which opened in June 2000 and Mears Carpets has a reputation for excellence in its market sector.

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Full Server Migration

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Company: Accountancy Practice

Overview – Server Migration

Our client was linked onto a Head Office fully hosted server solution but found that some of the tasks were slow and tedious
The main challenge was to install the new server and workstations while allowing staff to access both the existing parent server and create new workflows on the new servers.

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On Premise Server

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Company: Golf Club – On Premise Server


The client had identified their needs could no longer be met by their encumbant IT supplier. As a business they had developed significantly and required more sophisticated support.
String Systems were invited to perform an initial audit for the golf club with a view to help highlight current issues
The club was presentenced with a clear review of their current systems and a recommendation going forward.

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Company: Payroll / Business Support Bureau


The MD of our client had worked for many years as the Practice Manager of a firm of Chartered Accountants. During that time he experienced many businesses struggling to manage the volume of paperwork that comes with running a small business

Records were never kept up to date so vital management information was not available and important decisions were based on nothing more than guesswork

The time that had to be spent on payroll and personnel issues increased as the businesses expanded
There was the constant worry that VAT returns were not being completed accurately

As a result,

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Office 365 & Sharepoint Online

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Company: Multi Site Residential Childcare Provider


The client has recently moved to a new head office – they have 6 care existing care centres and growth plans for a further 7.

This rapid expansion meant both existing and new homes needed to have access to standard documentation issued from Head Office as well as access to home specific information.

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